Ask Luis? Response to Danny. My Girlfriend Wants Access To A Credit Card.


My girlfriend and I have moved in together and have decided to open a joint bank account about 6 months ago so that we can take care of everything and save for a wedding.. Everything seems to be working out. I have always been a very responsible person when it comes to finances but she has had issues.

Recently she has asked me for a credit card to take care of household issues however I’m reluctant to do so because I have done this before only to be left with unpaid bills that I had to take care of. I haven’t said no but I haven’t said yes either because I don’t want her to think I don’t trust her but it’s a concern for me. With the bank account I feel like I can track things quickly but I’m afraid to add her to a credit card because I don’t want any surprises. Do you think its wrong for me to say no?


Danny –

Thank you for your question.

I don’t feel that saying no is wrong, however; you may want to consider this:

When sharing finances, you have to be sure that you communicate and that you are both on the same page. Start by create a budget together and work on sticking to the plan. Give her the opportunity to prove that she can handle finances.

Once you see that she is sticking to the plan, you can consider giving her access to a credit card that needs to be paid on a monthly basis such as an AMEX account instead of an account that allows you to carry a balance. This may be a wiser choice and allow you the opportunity to manage the spending.

Just because someone made mistakes with finances in the past does not mean that they cannot learn to be better.

Be honest and express your concerns. Remind her that the goal is to maintain the household while saving for your wedding.

Good Luck

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2 thoughts on “Ask Luis? Response to Danny. My Girlfriend Wants Access To A Credit Card.

  1. Bad idea .no joint accounts no shared credit cards because when the relationship is over she will hang you out to dry,always have an exit strategy or you will be left broke in debt and homeless

    • Don’t you think that a couple that is planning on getting married and sharing their lives together should have some sort of mutual trust? I don’t think you should go into something like this thinking “What If”.
      In my opinion couples need to be open and allow each other to share as this is part of building trust and a healthy relationship. If you are having doubts then maybe this is the wrong thing to do..

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